There have been two major tips regarding salinity examination, namely, intrusive and you will low-intrusive

To have knowledge advancement and its particular applied include in grain salinity improve reproduction system, it is essential and you can vital to possess real, productive, reproducible and you will user phenotyping techniques for screening away from germplasm. Every one of these protocols features pros together with limits and therefore based upon this conditions and you may available tips, a combination of strategies is considered to possess analysis. It is extremely important to select genomic regions centered on phenotyping having salt worry indicator such stress awareness directory and you may stress tolerance index and therefore make up minimal give protection under be concerned compared to normal standards (Pandit mais aussi al. 2010; Ali et al. 2013; Krishnamurthy mais aussi al. 2016) instead of worry overall performance alone.

Intrusive approach

Certainly intrusive steps, about half a dozen different process are used to generate phenomics study to have association training, QTL mapping and you will assortment upgrade program. These types of techniques possess generally become utilized for genetics/QTLs mapping and you can introgression out-of salt tolerant family genes in rice varietal improvement (Gautam mais aussi al. 2014a, 2014b).

Saline hydroponics

4.5 try was able (Singh ainsi que al. 2004). Sodium was extra in option to would need quantity of salt fret. This technique possess great things about actually shipment out-of salts for uniform screening, assessment at the seedling stage any time not as much as controlled requirements and scope regarding tests great number of contours very efficiently with rapidity. not this methodology possess constraints also because this new sodium constitution and you will background standards out of obviously salt influenced grounds will likely be exactly mimicked. In addition to this, there are after that restrictions such as feasibility regarding testing restricted so you can seedling stage only and particularly methodology is fairly technology and you can costly.

Steel trays

Because of it strategy of phenomics data age group, rectangular metallic trays can be used being filled up with salt troubled surface having growing the newest seedlings. Advantages of that it methods work better command over original screening during the seedling stage at any time, control over wanted level of worry and enormous level of lines might be screened rapidly. Although not this process has restriction because the enough and you can sheer surface depth isn’t fully ensured. More over, investigation generation is confined to help you seedling phase away from limited space just.

Ceramic pots

Inside, round porcelain bins out of 20 or 29 cm diameter, which have a skill out-of 8 or 16 kilogram floor can be used to possess screening. Evaluating can be done in the seedling stage. Advantageously, right here we can handle the level of salt stress and additionally rapidity and you can high number from lines. Herbs can be easily uprooted from the wished development stage having psychological/nutrient degree. But not, micro-ecosystem regularity is generally compromised if you are assessment large number of genotypes in almost any containers.

Micro-plots having roof

In this approach, micro-plots was constructed as a consequence of strengthened concrete concrete (RCC) structure and you will floor having dimensions around 6 m (length), step 3 meters (width) and you will 1 m (depth). These tanks was full of normal surface that’s produced forcibly sodic or saline. Such means features advantage of becoming “hybrid means” having efficient regional control plus shipping away from targeted level of salts for the a story. In addition to this, it’s advantage of significantly more better simulation of sheer conditions which have need sodium focus that’s not diluted by rainfall owed in order to translucent layer secured rooftop and you will staying the corners available to create sunshine on the collect. Although not, brand new floor is extra during these microplots from outside provider need to have natural nutrient composition in terms of harvest requirements. Next it could be efficiently useful assessment great number of outlines having reproductive stage threshold because of significantly more depth of floor. Particular establishments in the India including ICAR-CSSRI, Karnal, NRRI, Cuttack, CCARI, Goa and you may CIARI, Port Blair established state-of- art small-plots of land business to possess grain salinity work. Even when, creating such facility needs way more 1st investments, it is really worth-spending.


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