Hands-for the make is how Rocio protects their opportunities

condescend (KON dis End) vi. 1. to lower yourself concise of the person a person is writing on; to graciously and you can happy do something thought to be underneath an individual’s self-respect; deign; 2. to cope with anybody else from inside the a pleased otherwise haughty means • This new court could possibly get condescend to explain their decision toward convicted felon, although the law doesn’t need it. • Our pet condescends to hold aside into the canine away from go out so you’re able to date, though she will make it profusely clear one to she uses up an effective much higher societal top than simply the guy really does. • The brand new elite group castes from inside the conventional Asia would not condescend to speak with a keen untouchable. [-ed, -ing] [Syn. stoop]

condition (kuhn Pan uhn) letter. 1. some thing which is a requirement before performing or doing something otherwise; 2. people prerequisite towards happening of some other topic, skills, an such like.; step 3. a thing that modifies otherwise restricts the kind, existence, otherwise thickness regarding something else entirely; 4. state of being; health; 5. societal status; rank; route -vt. 1. setting once the a necessity; so you can stipulate; dos. so you can demand rules into; step three. to help you apply at, tailor, otherwise influence; 4. to create to a coveted state • Being paid in progress are an ailment of my personal perhaps not vocal in the charity concerts; for folks who heard me play, you’ll discover as to why. • Fruitful surface is just one standing of great harvest growth. • Lack of sunshine is actually a disorder blocking my personal which have a great turf. • Alex’s condition features improved as the the guy saw your physician. • The latest vice president’s condition has your from inside the personal contact for the heart circulation of your own Senate.

Meters. at newest

• Sarah’s mom trained the girl visiting the party for her being household by the 10 P. • Ulie’s exterior attire is actually trained on environment statement. • Just after shampooing, it will help to position your hair. [-ed, -ing] [Syn. state]

carry out (KON duhct to have letter., kuhn DUHCT to have vt.) n. step 1. the procedure otherwise way of managing or leading; 2. exactly how one acts; decisions -vt. step one. to exhibit how to; to lead; to support; in order to escort; 2. to cope with, control, or head; step 3. to do something; cuatro. to be able to transmitted, convey, or bring • • • •

Richard is never taken to the office to own bad make. When you’re Leonard Bernstien is music manager of the Nyc Philharmonic, the guy seem to conducted his very own performs. • People will be carry out by themselves safely in public places. • Aluminium conducts temperature much better than steel although not along with copper. [-ed, -ing, -ible adj., -ibility adv.]

The fresh new journey publication performs a different classification all of the half-hour

show (kuhn Business) vt. step one. to bolster; establish; encourage; 2. and also make valid from the certified acceptance; to help you ratify; step 3. to show basic facts, authenticity, otherwise authenticity out-of; cuatro. resulting in to undergo the spiritual service regarding confirmation • You want to confirm our bookings to ensure it keep our very own places into the tomorrow morning’s airline. • The fresh new appointment away from a great Courtroom justice need to be confirmed by good twothirds vote of Senate are valid. • Ruth contacted producer to verify that design at discount was the one. • Ray’s parents create having your as affirmed. [-ed, -ing, -ation letter.] [Syn. guarantee, validate]

confiscate (KON fis kayt) vt. step 1. to seize (individual property) into the societal treasury, constantly since a http://www.datingranking.net/local-hookup/durham penalty; dos. to seize by the otherwise given that from the authority; compatible -adj. 1. eliminated; dos. which have possessions grabbed • In a number of states, trucks inspired while you are intoxicated by an enthusiastic intoxicant is confiscated. • A counterfeit statement is often confiscated by the bank teller whom spots it, to your power of your Treasury Service. • Vera charged the city, seeking get well the girl confiscated vehicles. • Expenses had not yet put their confiscated handgun. [confiscated, confiscating, confiscator, confiscation letter.]


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